Are You Ready for BBQ Season?


How to Create a Great BBQ Entertainment Space

How to Create a Great BBQ Entertainment Space

Even though winter seems to be lingering, Summer isn’t that far off! That means you need to be ready for entertaining family and friends with BBQ-centered events that will be the envy of everyone who knows you. Where should you start?

Deck & Patio

If you already have a deck or patio, that is great. The hardest part about preparing for a great BBQ season is already behind you. As the days get warmer, you should check your deck for any weak spots that may have formed over winter and repair any loose boards. A fresh power wash and stain also never hurts.

If you don’t have a deck or patio, you are in a crucial time crunch to be ready for summer. In fact, your best bet would be to focus on building a flat patio area that you will temporarily use for the summer. Then, toward the end of summer, start building your deck for next year. If you are insistent on having a raised deck for this coming summer, you may want to hire a company that can get it built in a matter of days.


If you think that the aesthetics of your BBQ entertainment area are last priority, you may be shocked to find out that this is wrong! Aesthetic elements such as landscaping, plants, and fire pits are a top priority if you plan to host decadent events.

Landscaping is something you want to focus on early because you want to ensure that your trees, bushes, and grass and all growing properly and ready to be maintained for the season. No one is going to have fond memories of laying in brown, patchy grass at your barbeques. Be sure to invest in a traffic-tolerant grass like perennial ryegrass or bermuda grass for best results.

Make sure your planters are filled with beautiful greens and flowers to make your yard and entertainment area really pop! Pick plants and flowers that have punchy colors like yellow, orange, and purple. If you plan to have a blooming garden – now is the time to start planting!

Finally, a fire pit is essential for any prime BBQ entertainment space. Building a fire pit into the ground is the best way to have an incredible spot to enjoy roasting smores or just enjoying the warmth as the day dips into night. This typically requires much work beforehand with digging, laying bricks, and mixing cement – so be sure to start this project before it is too late!


When your yard is manicured to perfection and your deck is sparkling under the warm sunlight, it is time to choose your star player — the grill. The main two considerations are: charcoal or propane? Ultimately, the decision is up to you. (But looking through our product reviews can’t hurt!) If you can’t decide or really want to wow your friends and family, consider a combination grill that will offer charcoal-based cooking and propane-based cooking both in a single unit.

It is also important to have furniture that will fit your needs for your guest list. While you don’t need a table big enough to seat 20 people, it would be a good idea to have enough seats to comfortably seat the number of guests you’ll have over.

A Toast to a Great Summer

Once your BBQ entertainment space is ready for ideal entertainment, so will you. Don’t forget to try out our amazing grill recipes, and here’s to having a great summer and exceptional barbecues!



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