Happy New Years

Happy New Years everyone and thanks for following my blog. Like most, we are still recovering a little bit from New Years, so I’m going to combine the menus from 2 dinners and list them all out below.

New Years Eve is a time to celebrate and a time to have some really good food too. So we went with a little traditional and non traditional menu this year.

Grilled NY Strip Steaks – Grilled to medium and seasoned with just salt and pepper.
North Carolina Shrimped – We had these steamed at the grocery store and served with a little cocktail sauce. Grilled Potatoes – Coated the outside with Olive Oil and Sea Salt & served with butter.
Homemade Bread – Click here for more info on this bread recipe.
And for dinner, we went with a bottle of Apothic Red Blend.

For New Years Day, being from the south, there are a few traditions that I try to blend in with my cooking and family for New Years Day.

Grilled Honey Glazed Pork Loin – Grilled to medium and seasoned with Honey, Soy Sauce, Brown Sugar & Chicago Steak Seasoning. Here is the recipe that I came up with a while back.
Roasted Vegetables – This is becoming a family favorite, but I chopped up some sweet potatoes, white sweet potatoes & onions, lightly coated them with Olive Oil and Sea Salt and baked at 350 for 30 – 35 minutes.
Sauteed Green Beans – I can’t seem to get enough of this recipe lately. Brown sugar, Dijon Mustard, 2 lbs of green beans and 4 pieces of chopped bacon. Bring the green beans to a boil, drain and mix, then saute in the cast iron, holy crap.
Blacked Eyed Peas – If you are from the south, you know about the tradition of eating these on New Years Day for good luck.

I’m not one for traditional resolutions & I’ll only post the 3 that I have that are cooking related here.

  1. Learn how to plate food better – I feel that I often times just plate and it is fine, but then I see what others are doing and even if the quality of the food is there, the visual isn’t as appealing. And let’s be honest, we eat with our eyes, before we eat with our mouths. So I have already found several videos and talked with two friends of mine that are chefs to give me some pointers.
  2. Grill more – Now most of my friends and family that know me, might struggle with this, because I am always at the grill, but I really want to try some new foods on the grill. Come up with a few new recipes and and really push myself. And it looks like I might be picking up yet another Weber Grill in the coming months, which would round out my grills at 4 and 1 smoker, which the smoker needs to really be replaced for something bigger. But that might not happen this year, as what I envision, is something that would need to be on a trailer and custom built.
  3. Food & Wine & Beer Pairings – This one is really something that I want to learn more about and focus on this year. I have already started working on food pairings with sides and main entrees, but I also want to learn more about food pairings with Wine and Craft Beer. And I would also go one step further to learn more about pairing craft beers that I can cook with certain foods. Along with grilling, this is my other true passion right now with cooking.

So from my family to yours, Happy New Years! Take a chance and try some new recipes this year, that is my plan and learn as much as you can in the kitchen.