How to Secure Your Grill Against Theft


Posted By: Richard Wachtel
Published: October 18, 2017

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How to Secure Your Grill Against Theft

You’ve just purchased a new grill, gotten it all set up outside on your deck, and turned in for the evening. In the morning, you take your cup of coffee out to admire your new prize, but it’s nowhere to be found.

This scenario may seem a little exaggerated, but grill theft is a very real phenomenon. By securing your grill and outdoor furniture, you can greatly decrease the odds of having outdoor possessions stolen. Physical security devices, neighbors, and even household pets can help ensure your grill’s safety.

Physical Security

If you prefer a more DIY approach, padlocks, steel cables, and even bicycle locks can be used to fashion homemade locking systems for your grill. Make sure to fasten it to something sturdy like the side of your house, the concrete, decking, or even outdoor furniture (depending on weight and stability). Even mounting rows of carpet tacks along the top can be an effective deterrent — although they might end up deterring you, too.

Security cameras are always an option for protecting your possessions; ADT home security cameras are known to be top of the line. Your neighbors may even want to go in on cameras together if the range is larger than one yard by itself. Motion sensor flood lights can also help stop a potential burglar in their tracks.

If you have several items you’re concerned about securing in your backyard, it may be worth taking an additional precaution by installing a tall privacy fence. Burglars are less likely to steal what they can’t see.

Friendly Neighbors

Going out of town? Find a trusted house sitter to check in on your place periodically. Have a conversation with the neighbors; let them know you’ll be gone and ask them to be especially diligent about keeping an eye open. Let them know if they don’t already that you would be happy to do the same for them. Forming social ties helps keep a community close, as well as guards the entire neighborhood against theft.


Do you happen to have large furry family members with a penchant for barking? Let your dogs out at night and accompany them outside to send a clear message to any neighborhood visitors know not to mess with your property. You may even like to post signs that warn against your furry friends, or simply place firm warning signs like, “No Trespassing,” or “Intruders Will Be Shot” (if legal).

However you choose to protect your grill and caution against theft. If a sneaky thief does somehow manage to get around your security, know that you can always report stolen property to the police, and fill out a report. A diligent community is the best prevention against criminal activity.

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