Our friend Jon went to the San Francisco Fancy Foods show this weekend and showed me a real bacon bit product. I keep kicking myself for not attending this show myself; next year. Maybe it is because I do not do a lot of shopping but I never knew about this product. My experience with bacon bits was the crunchy fake products I enjoyed as a youth. These products are the real deal made with real bacon. I ventured to the local Wally=World and found both of these products side by side on the shelf. One was made by Oscar Meyer and calls itself Real Bacon Bits. The other is Real Bacon Pieces which was made by a house Wally World brand. The Wally-World brand was slightly cheaper but they both were inexpensive so I bought both. Let’s do a taste test.

Oscar Mayer                   Wally-World

I read both ingredient lists and they both were very similar. In fact they were so close it leads me to believe the house brand was made by Oscar Meyer too. After a visual and taste inspection they are using different recipes if it is the same manufacture. We just sampled this right out of the box. Both tasted like bacon; Surprise, Surprise. They both had texture issues meaning they were not crisp and the Wally house brand was a little chewy. The flavors were both of beautiful bacon and I actually liked both products very much. I would use this product on salads, egg sandwiches, omelets, baked potatoes and possibly on ice cream. The Oscar Meyer brand may have been a slight more salty but this was not an issue.
   I declare a tie in the Real Bacon v Real Bacon. Maybe a texture difference and a slight variance of salt but both products were equally good. They will never replace real bacon cooked by you but these are an inexpensive alternative.  Did I mention they are gluten free? Will wonders never cease?