Rodeo, California has seen better days. The highway brought many travelers through town to support numerous bars, restaurants and business. A freeway bypass was built in the name of progress. This was one of the factors that has dimmed the lights in our small town. The bars are gone and have been replaced by churches. The old movie theater has been taken over by the “Inglesia La Luz Del Mundo” church. To raise funds for their church they sell tamales on Saturdays in front of their venue. This women pictured above braves the elements and sings her tamale song. We see her all the time while walking our dog and decided it was time to give these tamales a try.

The tamales come in several different flavors. We bought beef in a red sauce and chicken in a green sauce. They cost two dollars a piece which includes little containers of salsa. They are sold warm and ready to eat. Some home made re-fried beans were made; which I might add were fortified with some bacon love. (grease) These tamales were the bomb. The fresh masa that encompasses the filling is a warm comforting flavor and texture. There is a prevalent corn flavor that is seasoned and reinforced with lard.  The fillings were mild with hints of mild chili additions. These tamales are the real deal. Rodeo may be an evolving town but at least we have tamales.