Twas the week before Christmas minus a couple of days that we picked up the all mighty aged USDA Prime rib roast. It has become a Chilebrown Christmas tradition to order a prime rib roast from Willowside Meats in Santa Rosa. We ordered this roast months ago in anticipation of this special Christmas day meal. This roast is hung and dry aged for almost three weeks to create the most beefy luscious meat we have ever had. Oh my!.

Inside Willowside was a beehive of activity. We were not the only ones picking up a roast. I gave them my name and sure enough a ‘cut & tied’ meat present was delivered to us. After paying the tab of course. While we were there we also picked up some other meaty treats such as pork chops and ground beef. One does not live by prime rib alone.
We are home now and I am counting the days and hours until the house smells of cooking prime rib roast. As a child, I could not sleep in anticipation of Santa. Now days I sleep well dreaming of aged USDA prime rib roast. Merry Christmas.