Where is Bailey? | Q & A with Gary | Nov 17, 2016

Great questions this weeks Q & A with Gary, Nov 17, 2016 episode, from Bailey (my dog) to lighter fluid!

Sandy wants to know where my faithful sidekick is: “Where’s Bailey ?”

Commenting on my “What is the Minion Method” video Dave S asks: “Yes I’m using a Weber kettle, would it better to use briquettes rather than lump-wood for a long cook? Thanks”. Following up with: “Is this suitable for pulled pork? Don’t the coals need to be offset? If in the center, where does my drip pan go?”

Digging way back into my video archives, MyREDTAIL asks: “Shouldn’t you par boil it first,/ to make it softer,? or will it cook on the grill ok.?” after watching my “Preparing Grilled Cauliflower” video.

After watch my “How to Light a Charcoal Chimney” video, Deborah b asks: “Was this just plain charcoal? With no lighter fluid added? Just making sure. Thx!!”.

Q & A with Gary | Nov 17, 2016

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